2023 Genesis Gv70 0-60 Time

2023 Genesis Gv70 0-60 Time – 2022 Genesis GV70 2.5T First Test: It’s a little small. Road tests for the smaller GV70 didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for the SUV of the year.

The amazing Genesis GV70 won not only our hearts and minds, but the SUV of the Year 2022, winning our Golden Jaws. The SUVOTI includes the performance tests we did with the 375hp 3.5T model, but with gasoline prices on the rise, the four-wheel drive version will be more powerful. How much performance do you lose when you ditch the two cylinder, 1.5 liter and single turbo? We put a lot of miles on the GV70 2.5T, including taking it to our test team to find out.

2023 Genesis Gv70 0-60 Time

2023 Genesis Gv70 0-60 Time

It should be noted that although the GV70 2.5T has a smaller engine, it is not a smaller SUV. Of course, some of the V-6’s standard equipment is optional here – genuine leather, power adjustable seats, etc. – but there are a few nice additions to the upper trim, including with premium Nappa leather, a head-up display and a stylish 3D set. In general, the GV70 2.5T looks smaller than the 3.5T, and both versions will surprise you with their elegance.

Genesis Gv70 First Drive Review

Engine-wise, the 2.5T is powered by, as the name suggests, a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 300 hp. and 311 lb-ft of torque, up 75 hp. and 80 lb-ft less than the V -6 engine. An eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are standard like the 3.5T, but the 2.5T has a lower gear ratio (4.18:1 and 3.91:1) to reduce the acceleration gap. . With smaller brake rotors (0.6-inch front and 0.8-inch rear), the 2.5T does without the 3.5T’s electric brake and manual-limited differential. The four-cylinder GV70 weighs nearly 300 pounds less than the V-6 version and maintains a 52/48 percent front/rear weight distribution.

Let’s look at the numbers: The Genesis GV70 2.5T hit 60 mph in 6.0 seconds, 0.6 seconds slower than the V-6 sedan. It ran the quarter mile in 14.5 seconds at 97.4 mph, just half that and 2.2 mph behind the 3.5T. The GV70’s launch status helped bring back those impressive numbers, but outside of our real-world testing, the GV70 2.5T felt more like a daily driver than a sporty SUV.

The smaller brakes didn’t affect stopping distance, and the four-cylinder GV70 pulled from 60 to 122 feet, 2 feet shorter than the 3.5T. The nose was noticeably slippery, and the tires squealed, and the brakes broke after many of our pedal stops. However, the stopping distances were very stable in many tests and the brakes did not fail. For what it’s worth, the damage can be improved on both versions.

The biggest difference between the two cars came out in our driving tests. While we praise the German version of the GV70 3.5T, the 2.5T lacks the last micron of sharpness and we give the tires. Still, the four-cylinder’s grip was better — 0.84g to the V-6’s 0.82g — even when we were trying to keep the grooves in the figure-eight, in finally managed 26.9 seconds at 0.65g. , half-double and 0.05g after 3.5T. And the brakes are smoking at the end of the driving tests.

Review Update: 2022 Genesis Gv70 Presents Chic Design In Composed Package

About these tires: Our GV70 2.5T has a 19-inch wheel package with 235/55 Michelin Primaci tires. The 3.5T we tested had the Sport Prestige package, which included 21-inch wheels shod in Primaci tires – but in 255/40 size. For those who don’t want to count tires, the 3.5t has a 20mm wider and 27.25mm shorter sidewall, a size difference that explains the difference in the handling characteristics of the two models . The good news: You can get larger wheels and tires on the 2.5T, but that means you’ll spend another $3,600 for the Sport Prestige package, on top of the $4,000 Select package and the $4,150 Advanced package on our test car.

That translates to real driving is what you’d expect. The 2.5T’s steering feels good and responsive, and it’s an impressive luxury SUV, just lacking the sporty performance of the 3.5T. A four-cylinder model with smaller tires doesn’t perform as well as a more powerful one with a better wheel/tire package, which is a telling story up front.

Will we be less enthusiastic about the four-cylinder version of the GV70? Absolutely not. Even in the 2.5T version, the GV70 impresses its passengers, which is the main purpose of a luxury car. The GV70 2.5T is so quiet, light and so affordable, it’s hard to believe the Genesis brand is new to the automotive industry at all. We love that all-wheel drive is standard and nearly every luxury feature on the 3.5T can be ordered here, too. The GV70 is still one of the best SUVs on the market in any form, and the 2.5T gives us a little more time to enjoy it. The 2022 Genesis GV70 steps in the way of the Porsche Macan and Acura RDX. Its twin-turbo V-6 is excellent, but its standard features and overall value put it in its own luxury class. The luxury price? It’s an oxymoron better than a large shrimp.

2023 Genesis Gv70 0-60 Time

The new luxury crossover SUV may be Genesis’ best effort. The new brand’s fifth vehicle in as many years takes the design of the larger GV80 SUV and is pressed onto the same platform as the G70 compact sedan. The Genesis doesn’t benefit from the flawless handling and handling that characterizes Porsche, with smaller, smaller German brands, and the lack of a mild hybrid or other electronics that limit its power. capacity, but no other engine fills its vehicles with so much. papaya properties for under $65,000. Even the entry-level GV70 at $42,000 makes me wonder how Genesus, or how other luxury players will play in the six figures.

Road Test: 2022 Genesis Gv70 Awd 3.5t Sport Prestige

The GV70 follows the GV80 with a choice of engines and models: the 2.5T has a 300-hp 2.5-liter turbo-4, the 3.5T has a 375-hp 3.5-liter twin-turbo V- 6. with. All-wheel drive is standard, and the highlight is an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Drive the range-topping 3.5T Sport Prestige in and out of Manhattan, it’s as fun to be in the city as it is to drive. The bold design of the GV70 is characterized by the large glass, the shape of the ridge and the special lighting that covers the car in the mirror at night. All 3.5Ts are sports models with a widened lower grille, large air intakes, front skid plates, 21-inch alloy wheels and rear electric tailgates.

The GV70 boasts multiple features and five drive modes. Sport and Competition+ modes slow down shift times, increase power steering and gradually reduce stability. He rides on a rear-wheel-drive platform with a cam that only takes care of the front axle when he needs it, helping the GV70 maintain control. The launch control instructions went by too quickly during the show for me to understand, but even when stopped in Sport+ mode, the GV70 was more of a smile than a shout.

The Genesis didn’t hit 0-60 mph, but the four-second two seemed decent, even with a little turbo lag. 391 lb-ft of torque arrives as early as 1,350 rpm, and the 8-speed automatic shifts into the right gear at the right time, if you ignore the red dials and paddle shifters. All of the torque can be sent to the rear axle, but only 50% to the front axle causing it to slip. The Sport Prestige features an electronically controlled power-limited differential that transfers up to 100% of the rear axle torque to the outside wheel for optimal cornering. The 7.3 inches of ground clearance didn’t inspire the road, but the GV70 cut through trees and ravines in Connecticut’s mountainous terrain with aplomb.

Genesis Gv70 Electric Estate 360kw Sport 77.4kwh 5dr Auto Awd Lease Deals

Genesis claims that the body parts are smaller than competitors due to its robust construction. The body line is noticeable but it handles well, but the 3.5T tips the scales at around 4,500 pounds, which can’t match the likes of the Porsche Macan and other coupe-like crossovers. MacPherson struts up front and a multi-link rear suspension soften the ride, while the 3.5T has an adaptive suspension that changes the ride.

The steering feels more precise than the slow GV80, and since the driver’s seat automatically folds down the armrests and raises the cushion in sporty modes, the GV70 is the perfect choice. a great traveler who tends to lose his power. Despite the laminated glass and other soundproofing, the road noise flows at high speeds, thanks to the sonic sandwich created by the 21-inch wheels and the panoramic roof.

Genesus seats are equipped with a 16-position power steering

2023 Genesis Gv70 0-60 Time

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